It had been since long when Thomas Moore introduced Kashmir to western world and Bernier described it as “The Paradise of Indies”. Moorcraft called its people as “most lively ingenious people of Asia”. Kashmir with its history of 5000 years, Kashmiris had seen many triumphs and tragedies, years of ascendance and decadence, moments of joy and sorrow, battles of victory and retreat but never bowed down and continued to show a gallant resistance against oppressors who captured “Paradise” though most of times through deceitful tactics. In other words its people were dominated not defeated. From invasion of Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1586 when Kashmir lost its independence up to present when worlds largest democracy landed its army on 27 Oct. 1947, and all oppressors in between them captured this land through fraud and deceitful tactics.
After the invasion of 1947, dispute arose between Pakistan and India over Kashmir, resulting in Nehru taking K issue to U.N.O where after passing many resolutions Plebiscite was promised to be given to people of Kashmir to choose Ind or Pak. It is pertinent to mention here that resolutions passed in U.N.O had no provision for “Independent Kashmir”. Though plebiscite remained a far fetched dream as Government of India (G.O.I) continues to show its reluctant attitude of implementing it for fear of loosing Kashmir which they had held through their military might thus making Kashmir as the largest militarized (about 7 lakh) region in the world. At least 2 wars have been fought over Kashmir between Ind and Pak still dispute remained as it was in 1947. Besides many ingenious movements arose in valley demanding Plebiscite but they were crushed down by a jackboot state. Keeping above things in mind, we would provide useful books and links related to Kashmir besides books related to history.

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  1. Khan Mukhtar August 11, 2016 / 3:57 am

    Great collection of E. Books on Kashmir and are worth reading.


  2. Khan Mukhtar August 11, 2016 / 3:58 am

    I have many a occasions feeling the urge to surf to get accurate information about Kashmir and this forum is the ultimate choice.


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